Wikken en wegen


Welcome for a weekend with books, ink, paper and poetry!

Dec. 8, 9 & 10, 2-7 p.m

Wikken en wegen*

*expression in Dutch meaning to carefully consider the pros and cons

-> Weigh words by placing lead letters in a scale and make a unique letterpressed card

-> Haring Bookshop offering secondhand art books and a special selection of books on crafts

-> Discover Astrid Fieuws' handmade paper goods made from leftover paper from the print shop: notebooks, sketchbooks, postcards,...

-> Join us for a poetry reading by Lieve Shukrani Simoens (NL/ENG) on Sunday 10/12, 16h. There will be coffee & cake!

Typo-atelier Astrid Fieuws, Pletinckxstraat 27, 1000 Brussels

Residency at Bizet Bizar


Spring is in the air! And Haring Books comes with a fresh new project. I will be a resident at Bizet Bizar, a former parking lot that will be transformed into a wonderful garden park.
The coming year I will photograph this process and initiate events & ateliers to create the BIZET BIZAR BOOK with neighbours, schools and organisations in Anderlecht. Looking forward to this!

De maand liegt
La lune menteuse


As the moon influences the tide, Haring Books lands at the cabin of Pleasure Island in collaboration with Belgian Institute of Graphic Design (BINGO) 

19, 20, 21/08, 10-19h
-> Haring Bookshop offering second hand art books and a selection of books relating to the sea.

Fri 19/08, 20h
-> performance by sound artist Hans Beckers

Sun 21/08, 14h
-> BINGO invites editors and graphic designers to reveal their stories of three independent magazines.  

Beach Mariakerke (Ostend)
51°12'53.7"N, 2°52'31.7”E

Program 21/08
Intro by Anton Pereira Rodriguez the topic of the unpublished magazine, ‘The Moon (La lune, De Maan, der Mond, La Luna)’ by Jan Vercruysse.

Discussion between founder Laurens Otto and graphic designers Morgane Le Ferec and Victor Coupaud (D-E-A-L) on RESOLUTION magazine

Graphic designer Ward Heirwegh on Etcetera magazine

Graphic designer Emile De Geyndt on Not So Difficult magazine

*Supported by the City of Ostend

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